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Category Publication Journal
Tuberculosis Fatima R, Ejaz Q, Enarson DA, Bissell K. Comprehensiveness of primary services in the care of infectious tuberculosis patients in Rawalpindi, Pakistan: 2011-09-21 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Chadha SS, Sharath BN, Reddy K, Jaju J, Vishnu PH, Rao S,Parmar M, Srinath S, Sachdeva KS, Wilson N, Harries AD. Operational Challenges in Diagnosing Multi-Drug Resistant TB and Initiating Treatment in Andhra Pradesh, India: 2011-11-02 PLoS One
Tuberculosis Kondapaka KK, Prasad SV, Srinath S, Kandi S, Zachariah R, Harries AD, Nagaraja SB, Tetali S, Anchala R, Kannuri NK, Murthy K, Koppu D, Vangari L, Sreenivas R. Are tuberculosis patients in a tertiary care hospital in Hyderabad, India being managed according to national guidelines?: 2012-01-17 PLoS One
Tuberculosis Nagaraja SB, Srinath S, Chadha SS, Kalemane S, Jayu J, Achanta S, Reddy K, Potharaju V, Shamrao SRM, Dewan P, Zachariah R, Tetali S, Anchala R, Kannuri NK, Harries AD, Singh SK. How Do Patients Who Fail First-Line TB Treatment but Who Are Not Placed on an MDR-TB Regimen Fare in South India?: 2011-02-01 PLoS One
Tuberculosis Jonnalagada S, Harries AD, Zachariah R, Srianth S, Tetali S, Chander K, Rao S, Rao R, Peri S, Anchala R, Kannuri NK. The timing of death in patients with tuberculosis who die during anti-tuberculosis treatment in Andhra Pradesh, South India: 2011-12-13 BMC Public Health
Tuberculosis Malhotra S, Zodpey SP, Chandra S, Vashist RP, Satyanarayana S, Zachariah R, Harries AD. Should Sputum Smear Examination Be Carried Out at the End of the Intensive Phase and End of Treatment in Sputum Smear Negative Pulmonary TB Patients?: 2012-11-09 PLoS One
Tuberculosis Mohammad D, Enarson DA, Khalid SM, Taufique R, Habibullah H. Does task shifting in tuberculosis microscopy services to non-certified technicians in Afghanistan affect quality?: 2014-03-21 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Hoa NB, Sokun C, Chen W, Lauritsen J, Rieder HL. Human resource requirements for quality-assured electronic data capture of the tuberculosis case register: 2012-01-27 BMC Res Notes
Tuberculosis Tweya H, Kanyerere H, Ben-Smith A, et al. Re-Treatment Tuberculosis Cases Categorised as “Other”: Are They Properly Managed?: 2011-12-14 PLoS One
Tuberculosis Rifat M, Rusen ID, Islam MA, Enarson DA, et al. Why are tuberculosis patients not treated earlier? A study of informal health practitioners in Bangladesh: 2010-03-30 Int J Tuberc Lung Dis
Tuberculosis Satyanarayana S, Shivashankar R, Vashist RP, et al. Characteristics and Programme-Defined Treatment Outcomes among Childhood Tuberculosis (TB) Patients under the National TB Programme in Delhi: 2010-10-12 PLoS One
Tuberculosis Kizito KW, Dunkley S, Kingori M, Reid T. Lost to follow up from tuberculosis treatment in an urban informal settlement (Kibera), Nairobi, Kenya: what are the rates and determinants?: 2011-01-01 Trans Roy Soc Trop Med Hyg