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Nutrition H. Simonyan, A. Sargsyan, A. A Balalian, K. Davtyan, H. A Gupte Short-term nutrition and growth indicators in 6-month- to 6-year-old children are improved following implementation of a multidisciplinary community-based programme in a chronic conflict setting: 2019-11-07 Public Health Nutrition
Rheumatology K. Hovhannesyan, S. Sahakyan, K. Davtyan, S. Gasparyan, T. Sarkisyan, A.John Reid Epidemiology and management of familial Mediterranean fever in Armenia: national audit from 1999 to 2018: 2019-09-12 Clinical and Experimental Rheumatology
Tuberculosis Shringarpure KS, Isaakidis P, Sagili KD, Baxi RK. Loss-To-Follow-Up on Multidrug Resistant Tuberculosis Treatment in Gujarat, India: The WHEN and WHO of It: 2015-04-13 PLoS One
Tuberculosis Shewade HD, Govindarajan S, Sharath BN, Tripathy JP, Chinnakali P, Kumar AMV, Muthaiah M, Vivekananda K, Paulraj AK, Roy, G. MDR-TB screening in a setting with molecular diagnostic techniques: who got tested, who didn't and why?: 2015-01-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Ilangovan K, Nagaraja SB, Ananthakrishnan R, Jacob AG, Tripathy JP, Tamang D. TB Treatment Delays in Odisha, India: Is It Expected Even after These Many Years of RNTCP Implementation?: 2015-04-30 PloS One
Tuberculosis Philip S, Isaakidis P, Sagili KD, Meharunnisa A, Mrithyunjayan S, Kumar AM. “They Know, They Agree, but They Don’t Do”- The Paradox of Tuberculosis Case Notification by Private Practitioners in Alappuzha District, Kerala, India: 2015-04-24 PloS One
Tuberculosis Dave P, Vadera B, Kumar AM, Chinnakali P, Modi B, Solanki R, Patel P, Patel P, Pujara K, Nimavat P, Shah A, Bharaswadkar S, Rade K, Parmar M, Nair SA. Has introduction of rapid drug susceptibility testing at diagnosis impacted treatment outcomes among previously treated tuberculosis patients in Gujarat, India?: 2015-04-12 PloS One
Tuberculosis Tripathi UC, Nagraja SB, Tripathy JP, Sahu SK, Parmar M, Rade K, Bhatnagar S, Ranjan A, Sachdeva KS. Follow-up examinations: are multidrug-resistant tuberculosis patients in Uttar Pradesh, India, on track?: 2015-03-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Gadoev J, Asadov D, Tillashaykhov M, Tayler-Smith K, Isaakidis P, Dadu A, et al. Factors Associated with Unfavorable Treatment Outcomes in New and Previously Treated TB Patients in Uzbekistan: A Five Year Countrywide Study: 2015-06-15 PloS One
Tuberculosis Avong YK, Isaakidis P, Hinderaker SG, Van den Bergh R, Ali E, Obembe BO, et al. Doing No Harm? Adverse Events in a Nation-Wide Cohort of Patients with Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis in Nigeria: 2015-03-07 PloS One
Tuberculosis Pereira PR, Isaakidis P, Hinderaker SG, Ali E, van den Boogaard W, Viana KS, Cassol R, Falci DR. Burden of isolation for multidrug-resistant organisms in a tertiary public hospital in Southern Brazil: 2015-02-01 Am J Infect Control
Tuberculosis Rusovich V, Kumar AMV, Skrahina A, Hurevich H, Astrauko A, Colombani P, Tayler-Smith K, Dara M, Zachariah R. High time to use rapid tests to detect multidrug resistance in sputum smear-negative tuberculosis in Belarus: 2014-12-01 Public Health Action