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Child Health G. W. Mbuthia, A. D. Harries, A. A. Obala, H. D. N. Nyamogoba, C. Simiyu, M. E. Edginton, M. Khogali, B. L. Hedt-Gauthier, and B. K. Otsyla Childhood immunisation in Bungoma County, Kenya, from 2008 to 2011: need for improved uptake: 2014-03-21 Public Health Action
Child Health B. B. Ngoy, R. Zachariah, S. G. Hinderaker, M. Khogali, M. Manzi, J. van Griensven, L. Ayada, J. P. Jemmy, A. Maalim, and H. Amin Paediatric in-patient care in a conflict-torn region of Somalia: are hospital outcomes of acceptable quality?: 2013-06-21 Public Health Action
Child Health W. van den Boogaard, M. Manzi, A. D. Harries, and A. J. Reid Causes of pediatric mortality and case-fatality rates in eight Médecins Sans Frontières-supported hospitals in Africa.: 2012-12-21 Public Health Action
Child Health S. Robert Kamugisha, Andrew E. Dobson, Alex G. Stewart, Nahabwe Haven, Birungi Mutahunga and Ewan Wilkinson A Retrospective Cross Sectional Study of the Effectiveness of a Project in Improving Infant Health in Bwindi, South Western Uganda: 2018-10-12 Public Health
Child Health Nahabwe Haven, Andrew E. Dobson, Kuule Yusuf, Scott Kellermann1, Birungi Mutahunga, Alex G. Stewart and Ewan Wilkinson Community-Based Health Insurance Increased Health Care Utilization and Reduced Mortality in Children Under-5, Around Bwindi Community Hospital, Uganda Between 2015 and 2017: 2018-10-09 Public Health
Chagas Disease Ernestina Carla Repetto , Rony Zachariah, Ajay Kumar, Andrea Angheben, Federico Gobbi, Mariella Anselmi, Ahmad Al Rousan, Carlota Torrico, Rosa Ruiz, Gabriel Ledezma, Maria Chiara Buoninsegna, Mohammed Khogali,Rafael Van den Bergh Neglect of a Neglected Disease in Italy: The Challenge of Access-to-Care for Chagas Disease in Bergamo Area: 2015-09-25 PLoS Negl Trop Dis
Capacity building A. D. Harries, M. Khogali, A. M. V. Kumar, S. Satyanarayana, K. C. Takarinda, A. Karpati, P. Olliaro, and R. Zachariah Building the capacity of public health programmes to become data rich, information rich and action rich: 2018-06-21 Public Health Action
Capacity building Jaya Prasad Tripathy , Ajay MV Kumar, Nathalie Guillerm, Selma Dar Berger, Karen Bissell, Anthony Reid, Rony Zachariah, Andrew Ramsay & Anthony D Harries ... Does the Structured Operational Research and Training Initiative (SORT IT) continue to influence health policy and/or practice?: 2018-01-01 Global Health Action
Capacity building Decroo T, Van den Bergh R, Kumar AMV, Zachariah R, Schillberg E, Owiti P, van den Boogaard W, Benedetti G, Shah S, Ali E, Harries AD, Reid AJ1 Blended SORT-IT for operational research capacity building: the model, its successes and challenges.: 2018-01-01 Global Health Action
Capacity building N. Guillerm,S. dar Berger,K. Bissell, A. M. V. Kumar, A. Ramsay, A. J. Reid, R. Zachariah, and A. D. Harries Sustained research capacity after completing a Structured Operational Research and Training (SORT IT) course.: 2016-09-01 Public Health Action
Capacity building Rony Zachariah , Stefanie Rust, Selma Dar Berger, Nathalie Guillerm, Karen Bissell, Paul Delaunois, Anthony J. Reid, Ajay M. V. Kumar, Piero L. Olliaro, John C. Reeder, Anthony D. Harries, Andrew Ramsay Building Global Capacity for Conducting Operational Research Using the SORT IT Model: Where and Who?: 2016-08-09 PloS One
Capacity building Quaglio G, Ramsay A, Harries AD, Karapiperis T, Putoto G, Dye C, Olesen OF, Tomson G, Zachariah R. Calling on Europe to support operational research in low-income and middle-income countries: 2014-06-01 Lancet Global Health