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Cancer Karpurmath S V., Seshachalam A, Selvaraj K, Rajamani P, Satish kumar, Reddy N, Malipatil B, Sirigeri R, Prasad K, Reddy K, Danthala M, Udupa KS, Nandennavar M, Murugesan J, Patil CN, Parameshwaran A, Jacob RK, Kalashetty M, Rathnam K, Ganapathy R. Halving Time of BCR-ABL1 in Chronic Myeloid Leukemia: Is It Better Than Day-90 Value—A Multicenter Study From South India.05012020: 2020-05-01 Clinical Lymphoma Myeloma and Leukemia
Cancer Kumar A, Bhagabaty SM, Tripathy JP, Selvaraj K, Purkayastha J, Singh R. Delays in Diagnosis and Treatment of Breast Cancer and the Pathways of Care: A Mixed Methods Study from a Tertiary Cancer Centre in North East India.: 2019-11-08 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
Cancer Vidhubala E, Shewade HD, Niraimathi AK, Ramkumar S, Ramaswamy G, Nagalekshmi G, Sankar Mahadevan B. Call for Systematic Population-Based Cervical Cancer Screening: Findings from Community-Based Screening Camps in Tamil Nadu, India.: 2019-12-20 Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention
Cancer Muttath G, Vinin N, Shringarpure K, Jones J, Balasubramanian S, Thavarool S, Ajaykumar S. Late toxicities among laryngopharyngeal cancers patients treated with different schedules of concurrent chemoradiation at a rural tertiary cancer care center.: 2019-10-04 South Asian Journal of Canc
Cancer Kumar SA, Musthafa M, Tripathy J, Duraisamy K, Bharathan RK, Ayyappan SC, Muttath G. Accuracy of Out of Field Photon Dose Calculations by a Treatment Planning System: 2019-08-19 Indian Journal of Public Health Research and Development.
Rathnam K, Niraimathi K, Shewade HD, Patil CN, Reddy N, Ganapathy R, Janarthinakani M, Kirushnakumar KS, Vijayabhaskar R, Anandaselvakumar P, Saju S V., Nandennavar M, Karpurmath S V., Seshachalam A. Prognostic Significance of Molecular Profile in Non-metastatic Invasive Breast Cancer: A Multicentre Study from India.: 2020-03-07 Indian Journal of Gynecologic Oncology
Cancer Vidhubala E, Niraimathi K, Shewade HD, Mahadevan S. Cervical Cancer Care Continuum in South India: Evidence from a Community-based Screening Program.: 2019-07-24 Journal of Epidemiology and Global Health
Antimicrobial resistance Bajis S, Van den Bergh R, De Bruycker M, Mahama G, Van Overloop C, Satyanarayana S, Bernardo RS, Esmati S, Reid AJ. Antibiotic use in a district hospital in Kabul, Afghanistan: are we overprescribing?: 2014-12-01 Public Health Action
Antimicrobial resistance Naidu K, Nabose I, Ram S, Viney K, Graham SM, Bissell K. A descriptive study of nosocomial infections in an adult intensive care unit in fiji: 2011-12.: 2014-09-17 Journal of Tropical medicine
Antimicrobial resistance De Bruycker M, Van den Bergh R, Dahmane A, Khogali M, Schiavetti B, Nzomukunda Y, Alders P, Allaouna M, Cloquet C, Enarson DA, Satyarayanan S, Magbity E, Zachariah R. Non-adherence to standard treatment guidelines in a rural paediatric hospital in Sierra Leone.: 2013-06-21 Public Health Action
Antimicrobial resistance Verma M, Shafiq N, Tripathy JP, Nagaraja SB, Kathirvel S, Chouhan DK, Arora P, Singh T, Jain K, Gautam V, Dhillon MS. Antimicrobial stewardship programme in a trauma centre of a tertiary care hospital in North India: Effects and implementation challenges.: 2019-03-02 Journal of Globa Antimicrobial Resistance