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Category Publication Journal
Health services Benedetti G, Mossoko M, Nyakio KJP, Nyembo J, Mangion JP, Van Laeken D, et al. Sparks creating light? Strengthening peripheral disease surveillance in the Democratic Republic of Congo.: 2016-06-01 Public Health Action
Health services Dogra V, Khanna R, Jain A, Kumar AM, Shewade HD, Majumdar SS. Neonatal mortality in India’s rural poor: Findings of a household survey and verbal autopsy study in Rajasthan, Bihar and Odisha.: 2015-03-29 J Trop Pediatr
Health services Geoffroy E, Harries AD, Bissell K, Schell E, Bvumbwe A, Tayler-Smith K, Kizito W. Bringing care to the community: expanding access to health care in rural Malawi through mobile health clinics.: 2014-12-01 Public Health Action
Health services Owiti P, Zachariah R, Bissell K, Kumar AMV, Diero L, Carter EJ, et al. Integrating tuberculosis and HIV services in rural Kenya: uptake and outcomes.: 2015-03-01 Public Health Action
Health services Maini R, Van den Bergh R, van Griensven J, Tayler-Smith K, Ousley J, Carter D, Mhatre S, Ho L, Zachariah R. Picking up the bill - improving health-care utilisation in the Democratic Republic of Congo through user fee subsidisation: a before and after study.: 2014-11-05 BMC Health Serv Res
Health services Maalim AM, Zachariah R, Khogali M et al. Supporting ‘medicine at a distance’ for delivery of hospital services in war-torn Somalia: how well are we doing? .: 2014-03-01 Int Health
Health services Kumar AMV, Naik B, Guddemane DK, Bhat P, Wilson N, Sreenivas AN, Lauritsen JM, Rieder HL. Efficient, quality-assured data capture in operational research through innovative use of open-access technology.: 2013-03-01 Public Health Action
Health services Basnet R, Shrestha BR, Nagaraja SB, Basnet B, Satyanarayana S, Zachariah R. Universal health coverage in a regional Nepali hospital: who is exempted from payment?: 2013-03-01 Public Health Action
Health services Aiyub S, Linh NN, Tayler-Smith K, Khogali M, Bissell K. Nurses graduating in Fiji between 2001 and 2010: sufficient supply for Fiji's health service demands?: 2013-03-21 Public Health Action
Health systems Farley E, Bala HM, Lenglet A, Mehta U, Abubakar N, Samuel J, de Jong A, Bil K, Oluyide B, Fotso A, Stringer B, Cuesta JG, Venables E. ‘I treat it but I don’t know what this disease is’: a qualitative study on noma (cancrum oris) and traditional healing in northwest Nigeria.: 2019-08-24 International Health
Health services E. Singogo E. Kanike M. van Lettow F. Cataldo R. Zachariah K. Bissell A. D. Harries. Village registers for vital registration in rural Malawi.: 2013-05-30 Trop Med Int Health
Health services Pyakurel P, Tripathy JP, Oo MM, Acharya B, Pyakurel U, Singh SB, Subedi L, Yadav KP, Poudel M, Pandey DR, Budhathoki SS, Lohani GR, Jha N. Catastrophic health expenditure among industrial workers in a large-scale industry in Nepal, 2017: a cross-sectional study.: 2018-09-21 BMJ Open