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Category Publication Journal
Tuberculosis Defang RR, Brostrom R, Ram S, Johnson E, Perman PS. Screening for tuberculosis and LTBI in diabetes patients, Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia: 2014-06-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Nasa JN, Brostrom R, Ram S, Kumar AMV, Seremai J, Hauma M, Paul IA, Langidrik JR. Screening adult tuberculosis patients for diabetes mellitus in Ebeye, Republic of the Marshall Islands: 2014-06-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Fonua L, Bissell K, Vivili P, Gounder S, Hill PC. Sputum smear microscopy referral rates and turnaround time in the Tonga Islands: 2014-06-01 Public Health Action
Itogo N, Hill PC, Bissell K, Harries AD, Viney K, Gounder S. Tuberculosis notifications, characteristics and treatment outcomes: urban vs. rural Solomon Islands, 2000-2011: 2014-06-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Fanai S, Viney K, Tarivonda L, Roseveare C, Tagaro M, Marais BJ. Profile of tuberculosis patients with delayed sputum smear conversion in the Pacific island of Vanuatu: 2014-06-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Tagaro M, Harries AD, Kool B, Ram S, Viney K, Marais B, Tarivonda L. Tuberculosis case burden and treatment outcomes in children, adults and older adults, Vanuatu, 2007-2011: 2014-06-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Kesete birhan DW, Degu J, Zewdu G, Edginton ME, Kumar A.M. V., Letamo Y, Feleke B, Alula M. Teklu, Zewdu S, Weiss B, A Ruff. Beneficial Effect of Isoniazid Preventive Therapy and Antiretroviral Therapy on the Incidence of Tuberculosis in People Living with HIV in Ethiopia: 2014-08-08 PloS One
Tuberculosis Bhat PG, Kumar AMV, Naik B, Satyanarayana S, Deepak KG, Nair SA, Suryakanth MD, Heldal E, Enarson DA, Reid AJ. Intensified Tuberculosis Case Finding among Malnourished Children in Nutritional Rehabilitation Centres of Karnataka, India: Missed Opportunities: 2013-12-16 PloS One
Tuberculosis Fengling Mi, Guanglu Jiang, Jian Du, Liang Li, Wentao Yue, Anthony D Harries, Sven Gudmund Hinderaker, Yan Lin. Is resistance to anti-tuberculosis drugs associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus? A register review in Beijing, China: 2014-05-19 Global Health Action
Tuberculosis Mi F, Tan S, Liang L, Harries AD, Hinderaker SG, Lin Y, Yue W, Chen X, Liang B, Gong F, Du J. Diabetes mellitus and tuberculosis: pattern of tuberculosis, two‐month smear conversion and treatment outcomes in Guangzhou, China: 2013-09-23 Trop Med Int Health
Tuberculosis Wahome E, Makori L, Gikera M, Wafula J, Chakaya J, Edginton ME, Kumar AMV. Tuberculosis treatment outcomes among hospital workers at a public teaching and national referral hospital in Kenya: 2013-12-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Ganzaya S, Naranbat N, Bissel K, Zachariah R. Countrywide audit of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis and treatment outcomes in Mongolia: 2013-12-01 Public Health Action