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Category Publication Journal
Tuberculosis Klimuk D, Hurevich H, Harries AD, Babrukevich A, Kremer K, Van den Bergh R, et al. Tuberculosis in health care workers in Belarus: 2014-10-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Alikhanova N, Akhundova I, Seyfaddinova M, Mammadbayov E, Mirtskulava V, Rüsch-Gerdes S, et al. First national survey of anti-tuberculosis drug resistance in Azerbaijan and risk factors analysis: 2014-10-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Reddy M, Gounder S, Reid SA. Tuberculosis diagnostics in Fiji: how reliable is culture?: 2014-09-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Alo A, Gounder S, Graham M. Clinical characteristics and treatment outcomes of tuberculosis cases hospitalised in the intensive phase in Fiji: 2014-09-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Narayan N, Viney K, Varman S. Comparison of tuberculosis treatment outcomes by method of treatment supervision in the Fiji Islands: 2014-09-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Prasad P, Gounder S, Varman S, Viney K. Sputum smear conversion and treatment outcomes for tuberculosis patients with and without diabetes in Fiji: 2014-09-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Gounder A, Gounder S, Reid SA. Evaluation of the implementation of the Xpert® MTB/RIF assay in Fiji: 2014-09-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Oladimeji O, Isaakidis P, Obasanya OJ et al. Intensive-Phase Treatment Outcomes among Hospitalized Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis Patients: Results from a Nationwide Cohort in Nigeria: 2014-04-10 PloS One
Tuberculosis Das M, Isaakidis P, Van den Bergh R, Kumar AMV, Nagaraja SB, Valikayath A, Jha S, Jadhav B, Ladomirska J. HIV, multidrug-resistant TB and depressive symptoms: when three conditions collide: 2014-09-09 Global Health Action
Tuberculosis Abeygunawardena SC, Sharath BN, Van den Bergh R, Naik B, Pallewatte N, Masaima MNN. Management of previously treated tuberculosis patients in Kalutara district, Sri Lanka: how are we faring?: 2014-06-01 Public Health Action
Tuberculosis Xia YinYin, Goel S, Harries AD, Zhang Z, Gao T, Wang L, Cheng S, Lin Y, Du X. Prevalence of extended treatment in pulmonary tuberculosis patients receiving first-line therapy and its association with recurrent tuberculosis in Beijing, China: 2014-05-25 Trans Roy Soc Trop Med Hyg
Tuberculosis Tharu MB, Harries AD, Goel S et al. Screening retreatment tuberculosis patients for drug resistance in mid-west Nepal: how well are we doing?: 2014-03-01 Public Health Action